If you're just visiting for the first time, you're in luck. If you used to follow MS back when I was updating regularly in 2008, you're in for a shock
It lives.
Now to be fair, there's still a lot of work to be done, and you probably won't see changes or updates happen for some time yet. The last time I tried drawing this comic, I wasn't able to keep up the pace, my "buffer" ran out pretty fast, and some real-life complications drove the final nail into the coffin, pretty much killing any progress I'd been trying to make. So I'm going about things a bit differently this time, and by that I mean I'm drawing out the whole damn story in advance.
The plus side is, I'll never miss an update this way, unless Com-Gen's software breaks.
The down side is, it's going to take a long while, since I'm not picking up at the cliffhanger above Astivelle. No, dear reader, I'm starting back at the beginning, redrawing everything from scratch.
*A few scenes I liked will stay more or less the same, and you can expect many of the jokes to remain with little or no alteration. The overall visual quality, I hope, will improve however.


I owe a big thanks, and apologies, to the folks who keep checking back and see my disappointing lack of updates.
It's been almost a month since I last drew Sy, and tonight made me confront an ugly truth: I am way out of practice. The odd thing of it is, this past week finally gave me the kind of break I've been waiting for, and yet my drawing inspiration (oh fickle muse!) was nearly non-existant. It seems I get my best work done at work, when the time allows. So, when I return Monday and henceforth after, I shall resume using what free time I have available to complete MS strips. The updates will happen sporadically for a while, as I get my feet under me again, but they will still adhere to the M-W-F schedule - that is, while they may not appear [every] MWF, it will be one of those days that sees an update when I have one to offer.

Thanks for reading!

It's been a full week since I last posted a comic. Rather unfortunate, that.
While it seems I was right about needing to cut back to a two-a-week schedule, due multiple commitments, the biggest hit to productivity is actually the pets.
Yes, pets, plural! We've welcomed a new pup, Bailey, to the family:

But I did say pets - our cat, Bowie, isn't taking too kindly to her presence at the moment, and he's spent a lot of time recently upstairs pestering me for attention while the pup is downstairs.

Ahem... at any rate, the comic I would have posted last Wednesday is drawn, inked, and scanned, and needs only color. I shall post it this Wednesday without fail, and hopefully round off the week with a comic Friday as well. I would prefer to keep my M-W-F schedule, as it suits the comic's pacing best, but if any more of these delays/misses happens, I'll have to cut down to a two-day schedule.

Thanks for the patience, comrades...

Until I can figure out an actual [schedule] for drawing comics, they continue to take place at work.
This is a bad system, especially when our GM can't get us out of the store until quarter-past-TEN.

Comic delayed until Wed. afternoon/evening.

9:45pm. Wow, I suck.

Also, check out the MS forum for a nifty new poll. Reader participation encouraged! And, as always,

Thanks for reading!

Posted at 9pm, EST. Far more delayed than I'd have liked, but I promised Friday and dammit, it's Friday.


Friday's comic will be somewhat delayed. There will be a comic posted for Friday, July 25th. It'll just be later than usual.

Why the delay? I had the strip originally drawn and 90% complete, but unfortunately I do most of that at work (when the time allows). Wednesday when I went into work, I could not locate the particular page with Friday's comic on it. It seems the page somehow got separated from my others and thrown out or recycled. So I'm currently redrawing #28, and expect to have it completed sometime tonight or tomorrow. I will then scan and color as usual, but it may not post until late afternoon/evening Friday.

Terribly sorry for the delay. If you simply can't wait for some Svetnikov comickry, you could have a look at this little sequence I put together. Just replace "Enkidukai" with "Rah'li" (except no brain damage) and it should make enough sense to be coherrent.

Thanks for reading!

MS is back up and running with the new story arc. I'm currently [considering] cutting back to a bi-weekly schedule, though, since I have also resumed my work with the free fantasy-MMORPG PlaneShift. I won't turn this newspost into a huge advertisement for it, but it's actually free (not "free" like other MMOs), has a completely 3D world to explore (growing with every new version), and there's actually RP in this RPG. Check their About area for more information. And cookies.

Thanks for reading!